Style Table Sunday - 8/5/18

Today's Style Table features the Hinta Magenta plus-sized top. As you will see, this top can be worn by anyone of any size.

It Is What It Is: The name describes this look perfectly. Look 1 features the top as just that...a top. I paired it with the vintage Mother Earth necklace.

Hey Shorty: I named this simple look "Hey Shorty" because I'm a member of the short team :-). I'm 5'2 so this top hits near my knee so it is more like a dress. If you're short like me, add a statement waist belt and voila! you've got a dress.

Simple Sally: I named this look "Simple Sally" because it is simply dressed for work. I'm always thinking about my fellow teachers and how looks can be put together quick yet professionally for those super early mornings! I've paired the top with the peach teardrop necklace and khaki colored pants. For this photo, I've paired this top with wide leg khaki pants. For a sleeker look, opt for tapered leg khakis and cognac colored shoes.

Eclectic: This look is for those who like to mix patterns and don't like to conform to traditional matching rules. Since fall is coming, I chose to layer. Layering will allow you to stay warm without having to buy so called "winter clothes". I lucked into this gorgeous African print harem jumpsuit at a discount store. I covered it with the Hinta Magenta top and earth stone colored necklace to tie the colors together.

Snappy Casual: I named this look "Snappy Casual" - a term I learned at my beloved Alma Mater Presbyterian College. "Snappy casual" means dressy but not formal. This look features the previously posted leopard print cardigan. You can take the simple Hinta Magenta top and pair it with the sheer cardigan for a dressy but not overly dressy look. Pair with black tapered leg leggings and heels for an even dressier look.

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