About Us

About Us

MonicaMichelle Boutique was founded in 2018 as a namesake to my daughter and a nod to my journey as a first-time mother. As a new mother, I quickly realized that spending massive amounts of time coordinating outfits that weren’t busy-proof was no longer realistic. My mission was and continues to be to save women money and time by providing affordable, fashionable, and versatile options for busy women - whether career woman, the stay-at-home mom, or entrepreneur. A large part of our goal is to help our fashionistas quickly transition traditional lounge and comfort wear into office and on-the-go- wear. For this reason, the pieces in our collection can be combined to create comfortable, low maintenance, and quick but stylish outfits. 

Our selection of vendors is intentional. We choose quality AND affordability. We use our experience and history in clothing retail to examine details like fit, type of material, stitching patterns, etc. 


Who We Serve

We serve women who believe in comfort, affordability, and style. Our fashionistas range from the corporate career woman who wants to trade the traditional corporate suit set for comfortable but work appropriate pieces, a teacher or nurse who needs comfortable wear while standing up all day, the a stay-at-home mom who needs child-proof loungewear, and more.


Our Values


Inclusivity. We believe in the beauty of women at every size. While we are not able to control what sizes vendors offer, we intentionally choose vendors who also value inclusivity and offer pieces of all sizes. While not all pieces are available in every size, we work extremely hard to provide multiple size options. Our models are selected to showcase pieces on all sizes - standard, extended and plus.

Versatility. We strive to provide pieces that allow you to make multiple outfits. Our pieces are chosen because they have the ability to be worn to lounge, styled for brunch or running errands, or elevated for work. 

Range. We love comfort and we love the environment. For this reason, we offer luxe comfort wear, made from eco-friendly material in addition to the more traditional fabric blends.

Integrity. We provide honest reviews of our products and value your reviews too! We test our products prior to sale. We believe in honesty. As much as possible, we try to provide information on fit and comfort level, etc. We believe in honest and fair practices regarding price and brand messaging. 

Family. MonicaMichelle Boutique is a small, family-owned business. We value to the personalized feel that small business offer and seek to continue the family feel as we expand.