Style Table Sunday - 7/22/18

Style Table Sunday - 7/22/18

I am sooooo excited about today's Style Table! I paired a simple mustard colored cold shoulder dress with several different pieces to create versatile looks for every type of fashionista.

Look 1: The Safari Chic - This look is clean and simple. I reused the dress as a top and paired it with hunter green waist tie pants, a simple beaded necklace and brown gladiator sandals.

Look 2: Miss Corporate - I like this look because it doesn't require too many extra pieces. A simple blazer, square buckle belt, and a comfortable pair of pointed toe flats make this an easy yet fashionable day at the office.

Look 3: Avant-Garde I absolutely love this skirt because it's so unique. It brings 2 different patterns together perfectly. I paired it with a black scallop shaped statement necklace and Chinese Laundry spaghetti strap stilettos.

Look 4: The Teacher - Can you tell I love zebra print?? As a teacher, I know how important it is to look professional yet comfortable. I kept this look simple enough to toss on while half asleep at 7 am :-) by adding a cream and brown zebra print cardigan and a pair of camel colored pointed toe flats.

Look 5: Elongate the Dress - For Look 5, I chose to add one of my long, flowy, favorite skirts. With fall coming up, adding a long skirt on top of the dress adds a second layer to the legs for warmth without compromising the look. To top off the look, I added the rhinestone star layered necklace and double ankle strap camel colored stilettos.

Look 6: The Bohemian - I like all of the looks but Look 6 is by far my favorite! If I could be born in any previous decade, it would have been the 60s. I truly think I'm a hippie at heart :-) I love the flowy garments in this look, including the leopard print cardigan and stretchy, burgundy waist tie pants. If you take off the cardigan, you've totally got a date night outfit! Though it's not pictured, I would totally rock this with black thong sandals or wedge sandals.


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